Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyone has his own space, but not everyone will become a spaceman.
Before trying to change the world, try and change yourself.
Every creature has its own features; crabs walk backwards, donkeys are very stubborn, lions are very brave, and rats are treacherous...we all have an animal inside - the trick is to suppress the rat and bring out the lion.
God hid human essence inside the human, only everyone keeps it in different parts of the body - some in the head and some in other places.
Good does not necessarily produce good, but evil always produces evil.
I don't know what you are going to become but only the ability to love will make you happy.
Don't try and drown your pain in blood - try and drown it in something good.
All these years you are fighting somebody who doesn't want to fight you but wants to help and support you.
No one stops you from fighting for your place under the sun; choose your own place and your own sun.
Imagine the feeling of a blind person who got his sight back.  I think he starts to percept the world with the newly found sense of love and gratitude.
Of course you have dreams, but you need to start activating them now for them to be realized.
To reach your goals, you need to set them first.  I would like for you to realize your true potential.
To fly on a plane and to fly a plane are two different things.
Don't shoot your words at your father who loves you so.  These words can hurt, or kill, or worse yet - bounce back at you.
A son's most important job is to honor his father.
If you want to see your true image, look at me; I am the mirror that doesn't lie.
What son doesn't look up to his father and doesn't seek his approval?
I was crucified on the cross of lies...makes me wonder though why my children don't think me to be godlike.
I love my children with all my heart and my soul...I am ready to love them with all of my money, too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Life is not a one way street; you need to know the rules and how to use them; you need the support of your old father; I am ready to help you.
If a mountain doesn't go to Mohammed he then goes to the mountain; if my kids either don't want or cannot come to me I will make every effort possible to go to them.
A good parent relives his life through his children.
My love to my children is the key to my heart; please use it to come in.
I want you to have faith, but I want your faith to be based on your talent, knowledge and understanding.
Do you wonder why traveling through the land of knowledge did not improve you?  You had only yourself for your traveling companion.
Childhood is the time to lay the foundation for the moral existence of the future life; unfortunately, my children were robbed of the sturdy foundation.
Children are made to be happy but happiness is not always made for children.
You cannot experience the road of life without walking it.  I wish I could help you walk it, but I am separated from you by the barb wire of hatred.
It's easy to break off a branch; it's impossible to put it back; only an experienced gardener can do that with patience, love and time; I am trying to be that gardener only I don't have much time left; but I won't give up,
Even with my hands tied I am still trying to do more good.
My vigilance is my truth.